The Prize pool

The amount of tokens in the prize pool: 23952.751 viz

Every day, 3% of the prize pool is played (≈718.582 viz).

20% of the prize pool is played weekly (≈4790.55 viz).

At the end of the season, 70% of the prize pool (≈16766.925 viz) is played.

If the prize amount is enough, then each participant receives 0.001 viz as a bonus for participation. It depends on the activity of the players over the past period of time, the size of the prize money. The remainder will be distributed evenly among all participants in the rating. The main requirement is that the share of points from the total competition allows you to get at least 0.001 viz.

Are you playing successfully? You get more points and take a higher place in the ranking, which directly affects the distribution of prize tokens.

May Aegis be with you :D

Dota2Time uses the mechanics of awards in the VIZ blockchain system to form a prize pool. It is replenished and spent every day.