Play Dota 2 and get cryptocurrency

Dota2Time collects match statistics and distributes points to all participants of the match.

The winners get more than the losers. Turbo mode gets fewer points than rated games.

If your team won the game, but the enemy team has more frags, then this is a Comeback and you get 10% more points. If there are leavers, the match is ignored.

If the player has Kills + Support for more than Deaths, he gets +20% points.

Players who have committed the most Kills, Support, top in Total Value, damage to buildings, last hits also receive additional points (+20).

Each players points are accumulated in the daily, weekly and seasonal rankings (every month). According to the results of the rating, players receive VIZ tokens from the prize pool to their balance.


The last processed match: #7854859855 ()

Total of public players in the database: 3 782 229

The coefficient of anonymous players in matches: 1.67 (62.48%)

Active players for the previous day: 872 737

Active players per week: 1 615 953

Active players for the current season: 1 943 274

Matches processed: 225 470 416

Matches for the previous day: 867 339

Matches per week: 6 727 215

Matches for the current season: 16 817 823