What is Dota2Time?

In early November 2023, the Dota2Time project began collecting match statistics and distributing rating points to players from all over the world.

The task is difficult, since according to public statistics, the total audience of Dota 2 players is 14 million players.

About 1 million matches take place every day. They all need to be collected, analyzed and distributed points to the players.

Moreover, only a part of the players takes part in the distribution. According to the rules of Valve, Steam and Dota2, the player must be allowed to publicly give his statistics. You can check whether your account is suitable as a candidate for receiving points and viz tokens from the Dota2Time project in the game itself:
Settings → Community → Public history of matches.

Just check the box so that this item is active and new matches will appear in your history on Dota2Time.

The service will gradually be overgrown with details and amenities. Mistakes can also happen. Dota2Time is a voluntary project, it does not take any obligations, but provides a bonus for what it provides :)